Golden Gate Bridge -1935 – San Francisco

The history of Golden Gate Bridge reveals that this world-famous and one of the busiest bridges of world is neither the art of modern engineering nor the miracle of old construction art. The genuine fact about Golden Gate Bridge is that, it does not break the records of highest or longest bridges as well.


Well, the question arises here that what is secret behind making this bridge the world’s most visited and photographed bridge. People especially come here from all over the globe to see the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the amazing scenes of dawn and dusk from this bridge. In fact, the real way of unveiling this secret, you must have to visit this bridge yourself and make a walk along this suspension bridge for sometimes.

So you will realize that why this bridge compels so many people to come here and enjoy its beauty. Moreover, during the walk you will automatically find the answer of your key question that why it was so tricky to build. There is no fee of Parking at GGNRA lots in both directions i.e., east and west directions of the bridge with center on Lincoln Blvd. Do not forget to bring a camera with you to detain the stunning views of this bridge and also a jacket to avoid the brisk to very windy.

There was a colossal task working behind the manufacture of world’s largest suspension bridge at that time. Due to lack of facilities, majority of people think this project technically impossible, as it seemed really difficult to span the Golden Gate and take the outlook from Marina district on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

However, regardless of the incredulity, resistance and the Great hopelessness, a man did not lose his hope. This man of honor was Joseph Strauss who ultimately became successful in getting adequate support and economic aid to move ahead with the project. He announced after doing deep analysis that it would take thousands of hands, the duration of four years and financial assistance of 35 million dollars to accomplish the task.

The inauguration time of Golden Gate Bridge was a historic moment which held on May 27, 1937. There was no some political personality behind this inauguration, but the fans of bridge were the honorable guests and the count of these guests was beyond 18,000. All these people jointly walked crossways the bridge. From very next day i.e., on May 28, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was accessible to all the people and their vehicles. Present data tells us that the cars which cross the bridge are not less than 120,000 per day.

Just after the achievement the project, Golden Gate Bridge received worldwide fame. This was all due to graceful Art Deco design of the two huge towers and the superb environs near the Pacific Ocean. The attention-grabbing orange-red color of the bridge was another remarkable addition in the fame of bridge. The color was recommended by engineer Irving Morrow. The Golden Gate is at its most captivating in the dawn when the bridge is often covered in mist. Nevertheless, the bridge is also appealing at nighttime when the illumination makes it more beautiful when the spires of the towers disband in the dusk.


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