Giant Anacondas in Amazon River – Wonder of Nature

Wonders of nature are countless and Amazon rain forest is the true picture of this claim. The vast and congested ecosystem of Amazon rain forest is the best living place not only for common animals, but a variety of weird and wonderful animals also exists here. Among a long list of such rarely found animals, the popular ones are poison dart frog, jaguar and the Jesus lizard.

Moreover, it is also the home to other creatures rather than just animals which can swing, prowl and slide through the trees. Amazon River that flows along the territory of Amazon rain forest is the home of wonders as well. Here we are going to disclose a very interesting and peculiar truth which belong to just Amazon River. Yes, we are talking about Giant Anaconda in the depths of the Amazon River. In fact, a very striking reality starts from the name of Amazon River i.e., it is the largest river in the world. Now the interest of the entire world for largest snake of Amazon River has made this story more appealing for the people. Let’s share some key facts of this highly interesting story.

Giant anaconda in the Amazon river.

The talking about existence of world’s largest giant anacondas in Amazon River is the part of ancient times. We can say without any doubt that dates of discovery of South America are not very away from discovery of giant anaconda. The records of subsistence of this gigantic anaconda are as old as discovery of this continent. According to these records, the length Giant Anaconda in Amazon River was more than 50 meters.

This amazing figure has been the source of attraction for the zoologists and crypto zoologists since early ages and ultimately, such giant anaconda remain the part of almost each discussion of these scientists. The results of these discussions reveal that size of anacondas can reach beyond 6 meters and weight can cross the limit of 330 lbs. Though the length of some species of python can reach more than the average length of anacondas, but some species of anacondas especially the green one is the largest and heaviest among all other snakes.

In short, we can say that giant anacondas in Amazon River are the second longest existing snakes in the world after the reticulated python. Anyhow, if we ignore the imaginary length and weight of anacondas, the fact about physically measured anacondas reveal that the average length of anacondas can goes up to 7.5 meters. The vague Length of anacondas has been claimed up to 50–60 feet, but such arguments need verification. The claims which are considered authentic about the length of anacondas are 26 to 39 feet, even though these claims remain unconfirmed.

The underwater life of giant anacondas was captured by Granville together with two famous underwater professional photographers named Jiří Řezníček of Czech Republic and Franco Banfi of Switzerland. These professionals shoot out the underwater life of anacondas in the wildest regions of Brazil. Similarly, they also tested their expertise in the sprawling Pantanal wetlands of Brazil and Amazon rainforest. Before their successful experience, no one can imagine that the life of giant anacondas in Amazon River can be captured in such a professional way.

The story about successful adventure of these photographers came in front of the world by reading their blog “Photo in Natura” which unveiled the truth in a way that “during the beginning of our adventure that incorporated going down waterfalls by means of a boat weighed down of costly but heavy equipment, hacking with cruel black flies and walking through saw grass, we discovered two huge Yellow Anacondas in great conditions seemed perfect for our job.


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