Floating Boat Bridge – Bangladesh

The Buriganga river flows through the outskirts of southwest of the Dhaka, the capital city of the Bangladesh. The average depth of the river is 25 feet and it is of maximum 58 feet in depth. It is almost 42km long.

Floating Boat Bridge - Bangladesh

It is very important for the Dhaka, economically. It connects the different parts pf the country. In the past it was the main source of the water for the native people. But these days the river is effected with the pollution due to the drainage of the chemical wastes, household, dead animals, medical waste and the sewage etc.

It also receives the high quantity of rotten food like fruits and vegeatables.it caused the growth of many unwanted plants. The number of plants growth was beyond the limit and boating or crossing of the river became difficult and thus the connection with other areas became difficult.

Floating Boat

To remain in connect with the other areas of the city people used boats. Some month ago a group of the boatmen that was native to the Dhaka gave the solution of crossing the Buriganga River when the river had the over growth of the hyacinth. Indeed this is the incredible and amazing structure. This is called floating boat bridge because it is made up of the wooden boats that are connected with each other and are floating on the underneath water. They simply connect the boat with each other. These boats are 34 in number. The person who want to cross the river has to pay 2 Taka fee charges to the boatman. Thus it is an alternative way of earning of the boatmen until they can start boating gain.

This floating boat bridge is great attraction for the tourists and it increased the economy of the country as well. People were amazed on the creation of this incredible thing. With the help of this the connection to the different areas is possible and people can go to earn money as well as it is good alternative for the boatmen to earn money as well.

However these days the group of environmentalist is paying attention on this issue. They are trying to resolve this issue. The group is concern to remove the present pollutants and to avoid the contamination of the river in the future as well. The government is also taking action to stop the drainage of industrial wastes in the river.


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