Fabulous Painting – Guido Daniele

Various forms of art are practiced all around the world. Some of them are traditional and have a long history, while others are innovative and created just a few years back. Here we are discussing some fabulous paintings by Guido Daniele.

Fabulous Painting on Hands By Guido Daniele

Guido is an Italian artist, who invented the beautiful art of hand painting. He used hands to display the pictures of beautiful animals. He is an animal lover and he used the special canvas for his paintings and that is the human skin. He painted on different parts of human body, but the hands are mostly used for these paintings.

If we talk about the career of Guido, he was working as painter in advertising agency and he learnt the techniques of the body makeup. Later he focused on the hand paints and the art was called as Handimals. The creations of the artist were presented in different exhibitions almost all around the world. He also got the hero of the year in 2007, by animal planet television network.

Daniele has used his painting skills to paint the animals and according to the artist, it takes nearly four hours to make one painting. He says, he loves painting, but it really hurts when the model washes his hands and the paint goes down the drain, but we can see the beautiful paintings in pictures and videos.

Guido was born in 1950 in Italy and now a day he is living in Milan. He is a graduate from the Brera School of arts in 1972, where his major subject was sculpturing. Later he student is Tankas school, India. He was interested in painting, and he painted some huge pieces and the largest one 400 square meters. He also painted bodies of models for commercials, fashion event and advertisements.

Now, he is known for the amazing art, called as Handimals. He can paint on hands and transform them in almost any animal, within few hours. Birds, animals and reptiles, he has painted all of them on the hands. He paints them in details and it is difficult to recognize in a single glance that it is a real animal or the hand painting. Different other artist also gets inspired by his work, but it is really difficult to paint with such precision and intricacy. He also face some criticism, but the number of his admirers is much more, so he is exploring other ways to show his talent.


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