Dunnottar Castle – Scotland

Scotland is part of the territory, where Queen in ruling. The small country is known for its historical buildings and the scenic beauty. It is one of these parts of the world, which have a lot of scenic beauty and a large number of tourists come there to see the natural beauty and human creations.

Dunnottar Castle - Scotland

Dunnottar castle is basically a medieval fortress, which is constructed on the rocky Mountains in Scotland. The place is 3 Km away from the famous stone haven. The castle is known for its strength and the defensive location. This castle has played an important role in the history of the country. This was the place, where the Scottish crown jewels were hidden, when an army was ready for the battle. These jewels are called as the honor of Scotland. It was the time when Oliver Cromwell attacked Scotland in 17th century.

The construction of the castle was done many times in the history and now the buildings we can see were constructed in 15th and 16th centuries. It was used for different purposes in the past and now it is restored in its original form and open for the public.

The buildings of the castle are present on a large area, which is 1.4 hectares. Steep cliffs are present around the building, which are connected to the North Sea. A small passage is available to approach the castle. Many buildings are destroyed in various battles but the tower house, which was constructed in 14th century and the palace, built in 16th century are still present.

The view of the castle is really dramatic, as it is present on the edge of North Sea. It holds a verity of buildings, which include lodgings, barracks and storehouses. We can also find the stables of horses. No the other hand, chapel and drawing rooms are also present to enhance the beauty of the place.

Many important people grace this place with their presence, and some of them were part of royal family. Basically, it was the home of Earls family but when the family get part in a rebellion against the crown, the castle become the property of the government. After the repair in 1925, castle is open for the visitors. You will visit the place and will not be able to forget it again. It is so mesmerizing and the surrounding beauty also plays an important role in the attraction of the place.

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