Dubai Aquarium: The World-famous Dazzling Attraction

Dubai has undoubtedly become one the world’s most visiting places thanks to countless attractions for the people regardless of age limit. This shining state of UAE remains filled with people of almost every authenticity during the whole year and collects a huge amount of revenue from foreigners.

'Dubai Aquarium' One of the largest tanks in the world!

Among lots of attractions, Dubai Aquarium is one of the most appealing tourist’s destinations of Dubai. The honor of Dubai Aquarium is that, this is the largest water tank in the world. To see the Dubai Aquarium, you have no need to leave the center of city as it is situated inside the Dubai Mall. The view of more than 33,000 living marine animals, including almost 400 sharks imparts a dazzling effect upon the visitors. The people became really surprised at the time when they face a close encounter through its acrylic walk via tunnel.

The specialty of Dubai Aquarium is providing an amazing opportunity to the visitors which they could just imagine. The visitors can avail this astonishing opportunity in the form of Underwater Zoo which enables you to do face-to-face meeting with Giant Catfish, Piranha, Otters, Rocky Shore and Living environments. Here, visitors can also enjoy the very beautiful experience of their life by watching a penguin colony walking through the Rainforest.

The most exciting sight of Dubai Mall is this gigantic aquarium where 33,000 beasties fly and run in the middle of synthetic coral and at the back of ‘world’s biggest acrylic viewing panel’. Guinness Book of World Records has announced this honor of Dubai Aquarium as the home of ‘world’s biggest acrylic viewing panel’. No doubt, the most popular attractions of Dubai Aquarium are Sharks and rays, but other famous are massive schools of pelagic fish and a sumo-sized giant grouper. The huge size of Dubai Aquarium allows you to take free outside view, but you have to pay something to take complete view via walk-through tunnel. An underline here is the dark cave where you can walk off head to head with dozens of toothy sharks.

Here you can put on a wetsuit and unite a dive instructor on a shark swim just within the Dh625 to Dh1025. However, it depends upon the condition that you are a licensed diver or not. Well, very high safety measures are available in this enjoyment to avoid any mishap. All the sharks are set aside on a closely observed feeding program to keep their rapacious actions in check. At first floor, the very meaningful Underwater Zoo trips are waiting for us via three eco-zones: rocky shore, rainforest and Living Ocean. There are countless atypical and fascinating denizens here, together with cheeky archerfish and air-breathing African lungfish that grasp the insects by unearthly sea dragons and spooky giant spider crabs.


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