Double Bubble D8 Series Future Aircraft

Man wants to fly and that desire forced him to make aircrafts, hot air balloons and helicopters. With the advancement of technology, he struggled more and now we can see a large verity of aircraft flying in the air. Some of them are used for commercial purposes, while others are used for research and still others are for transportation of goods and people.

Double Bubble D8 Series Future Aircraft

A new member in the aircraft family is the double bubble D8. This is not a single aircraft but a series of aircrafts, which are also called as the future aircrafts. The basic concept behind the construction of this aircraft was designed by the team of engineers, who were from the Massachusetts.

The plan is constructed in a modified way and the tube is changed, while the wings are very wide. This is carry the more fuselages and will give an extra lift to the aircraft. The wings the low sweep and it will help to reduce the weight and dragging force. This aircraft will be used for domestic flights in United States. It has the ability to carry 180 passengers and it will fly at 3,000 nautical miles. It will offer more space than Boeing 737.

This design is created to enter in regular service from till 2030 and it was first presented in the NASA meeting in 2010. Fuel is a major factor, which enhances the operating cost of any aircraft. This future aircraft is designed to reduce the need of the fuel and work more efficiently. It is said that it will consume 30% of fuel as compared to 737 and will work at the same capacity.

The basic aim is to enhance the fuel efficiency of the air craft and for that purpose, a team of the institute is working with the NASA engineers. It is a multi-million dollar project, which is working on plan efficiency. This aircraft will produce the less noise as compared to conventional passenger plans. So, this plan is useful in many respects, it will use less fuel and will produce less noise, so we can safely call it as environmental friendly air craft.

A lot of research is required to start the production of this plan on large scale. Different other companies are also showing their interest in this aircraft, but as it is in experimental stage so NASA is not providing the design of this future aircraft to anyone else.


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