Dietikon – Switzerland

World is full of manmade features. Some of them are skyscrapers, damaging the environment to great extent, while others are simply beautiful and in harmony with the Mother Nature. We can find many examples all around the world, and one such example is present in Switzerland.

Dietikon - Switzerland

The place is called as Dietikon and it is the collection of nine caves, which are present close to each other. These caves are built by the Peter Vetsch, a famous architecture. They are covered in the earth from all sides, except the front, which is open. Basically, these are 9 homes, which are serving as residences for the families. The concept behind the construction of these homes was to construct the buildings which are in harmony with the nature. It provides open space on the roof, which can be used for various purposes in its natural way.

The population growth is giving rise to urban sprawl and that is leading to many environmental and social issues. This kind of housing is a great example to provide housing facilities but at the same time no destruction of nature in involved. The vegetation cover is protected at the site of buildings. The design of homes is great as every home has its own garage, which they can access form inside.

The roofs of these homes are dooms, which are concrete and recycled glass has also been used in the construction. Even during the construction, environmental protection was the main concern and the 40- 80 cm landfill was derived from the building foot prints. The roof can be used as sitting areas or garden, according to the choice of the residents. Some people choose not to use their roof and keep them in their natural form. These homes are melted in the valley and no one can see them form the distance, as it seems they are disappeared in the environment.

It is really important to encourage this kind of construction, which is modern in nature, yet in complete harmony with the nature. Usually, housing scheme destroys plants and trees and destroy the overall environment around them. But this unique housing scheme is a unique plan of its own kids, which is clear evidence that a housing scheme can be built without causing damage to the surrounding environment. Different architects should try this model in their countries in order to provide the residential facilities to the people, but at the same time they should consider the environmental protection element as well.


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