Deep Ice Canyon – Greenland

Greenland is known for its tons of ice, but there are many others things which make this place a great place and one of them is the deep ice canyon.

deep Ice Canyon, Greenland.

This is the largest canyon discovered under the ice sheets of Greenland and is called as the mega canyon. The paper reporting this fact was submitted in 2013 by the renowned scientists of the world. Basically, it was the NASA’s ice penetrating radar, which collected the data about the canyon, present under the ice. This is present in the north of Arctic Ocean under the petermann glacier.

The total length of the canyon is 750 km and its depth is 800 meters. It is 10 Km wide and that is the reason, it is considered as the largest canyon discovered on Earth. The canyon has helped in knowing the geological past of the Greenland area and it is believed that is millions of years old. This canyon works as a mean of transportation of water, which flows from the interior of island to the ocean.

It is also said that this canyon is helping to understand the thickness of the ice in Greenland and the shape of the bedrock, present under the ice. Different instruments were used to known the thickness of the sheet and to get all other related information. Basically radio wave technology was use to know the thickness of the ice sheets. The more time radio wave takes to come back, it suggests that ice sheet is thicker as it was come back after colliding with the bed rock.

This is not a visiting place, as Greenland is a devastated area and it not feasible to travel for the common people. But, this discovery will open many new horizons for the research and it will help to understand the overall geology and the geological factors, which give rise to thick sheets of ice. However, the pictures, which NASA’s experts have taken, are really beautiful and amazing. It shows that how much beauty is present in far off areas of the world. They open many doors for the scientific research and encourage people to visit these places and we can hope that they will be tourists’ hub in future. A thing of beauty is joy forever and deep ice canyon is one of them, which holds many surprises for human and the generations to come.


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