Danaxia landforms – China

The Danxia landform is just a single piece of land but a series of landscapes located almost in every direction of China from southeast to southwest as well as towards northwest. In China, The Danxia landform is also described as the land that comprises a red bed distinguished by sheer cliffs. It is an exclusive type of petrography that is rarely found anywhere except China. In fact, it is some sort of geomorphology that is highly compatible with environmental conditions of China.

Danaxia landforms

The formation of Danxia landform has been resulted out through natural phenomena by means of red-colored sandstones during Cretaceous age. There is great resemblance of Danxia landforms with karst topography that was created in these regions underlain by lime stones. However, the little difference in formation of the rocks that make the base of danxia is that, these are made up of conglomerates and sandstones and that’s why known as “pseudo-karst” landforms.

The initial research on Danxia landforms was carried out at Mount Danxia that is located near Shaoguan, China. Nevertheless, the planned research work on these amazing landforms was executed during the era of 1920s and 1930s. In this era, Chinese geologist tried to find out the truth as well as all the sinteresting myths about these geomorphic formations. Being alike, karst topography in terms of look, it can be clearly seen that uplifted continental crust has been used in the formation of danxia landforms.

As Danxia landforms cover lots of area of China in almost every direction, so it is understood that huge area of the country has been included in this topography. The provinces that are included in this landform are Fujian Province, Taining County and many other provinces in southeastern part of country. The amazing fact about Danxia landforms is that, as it becomes older, the valleys expand and one gets cut off towers and ridges. The name of this landform has been inspired by the name of Mount Danxia.

A very weird trait of danxia landscape is the expansion of various caves of different shapes and sizes. The caves are becoming shallow and inaccessible in contrast to karst terrain where caves are becoming deep with interconnecting system. Thanks to all these amazing feature, most of the danxia landscapes of southern part of China have been included in World Heritage Site in the year 2010. The six emblazoned danxia landform regions are Mount Wanfo, Mount Langshan, Mount Danxia, Mount Guanzhi, Mount Longhu, Guifeng, Mount Jianglang, Fangyan and Mount Chishui.


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