Costa Rica – Centra America’s jewel

The official name of the country is Republic of Costa Rica and it is commonly called as Costa Rica. It is located in the Central America and the neighboring countries are Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

Costa Rica - Centra America's jewel

The Spanish rule over the country after the 16th century and it got independence is 19th century. Now it is considered as the most prosperous country in the Latin America and it is one of those few countries, who have no standing army. The country is known for its environment stability and the high human development index. The Costa Rica is also considered as the greenest country in the whole world, just because of its environmental friendly policies. The country has completely banned the recreational hunting of animals and birds, through legislation.
With its tropical weather, the Costa Rica is one of the popular tourist destinations. There are many national parks and other protected areas, which attract a lot of people from all around the world. Ecotourism is developed in the country and it was the pioneer in this regard.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer to its visitors, as it has lush green forest and beautiful beaches. We can find verity of animals in the forest, as the hunting is banned in the country so the population of birds and animals is really flourishing. Monkeys and sloths are the most visible animals in the forests of Costa Rica.

Another distinct feature of the country is the active volcanoes. Yes, there are a number of active volcanoes in the country, which enhance the geographical importance of the place. Mayan Temples is another tourist attraction, which is an ancient archaeological site. You can also see the barrier reef, which is second largest in the world. If you are fan of coral reefs, you can see coral garden in Costa Rica. These gardens are so colorful and really a treat to watch. Tropical rainforest has verity of flora and fauna and you can find the colorful fish in the waters of Carrabin Sea.

The country is also known for the number of beautiful water falls. Some of them flow through the limestone caves and enhance the beauty of these caves. This country is cultural hub, you can find verity of cultures here and sky high mountains will attract you like nothing else. You will not regret your decision to visit Costa Rica, as this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


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