Corridor of Stone Peaks – China

China is known for the Chinese culture and the Chinese cuisines but it is very important to understand the China is a beautiful place. It is a large country and is full of beautiful geological places. Some of them are developed as tourists’ resorts by the Chinese government.

Corridor of Stone Peaks - China

Corridors of stone Peaks is one such natural place, which is full of astonishing views. If you will visit the place, you will realize that it’s the only place of this kind and it might have no replica on the face of earth. Corridors of stone peaks, as the name suggests are the corridors but very unique kind of corridors. They are considered as the largest apexes corridor. They are created naturally with Limestone Mountains, which are thousands in numbers.

These mountains are not simple mountains but they also contain some ancient buildings and caves, which make the place more dramatic and unusual. You will be surprised to look at the forest between these mountains and it also contains two relics.

If we talk about the two caves, which are present in the corridors of stone peaks, they are called as “Yang Yan cave” and the “sky reaching cave”. Both of them contain some unique structures, which are worth watching. One cave is basically a grotto, through which a small rivers passes. The distance covered inside this cave is 200 meters. This cave is well lit, as two holes are present in the roof, which allow the natural light to come inside the cave. You will be surprised to see a small forest inside this cave, which is called as the yang Yan cave. The sky reaching cave also contains various stalactites.

After the caves we talk about the relics. One is called as the Pengijiaci temple, which is a castle basically. It was constructed to provide the protection against brigands. The great construction makes it a unique castle of its own kind. The other relic, present in the corridors is the small bridge, which is stretched over a small river. The unique feature of this bridge is that, it has no piers. It is not really a large structure, but it is in prefect harmony with the surrounding environment.

The corridors has many scenic spots, like Mingjing inverted image, Yongfeng ancient temple, Heshun Rock, Wangchaoshishan Mountain, Feima Temple Site and much more. If you are visiting china, you must go to watch this place, which is full of surprises, which natural places have for human.


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