Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

In the New Zealand the Coromandel Peninsula is located in the region of the North Island. It is also a part of the Thames-Coromandel district and Waikato region. It forms a barrier for the protection of the Firth of Thames and the Hauraki Gulf by extending up to the Bay of plenty. If the weather is fine and clear you can clearly see it from the place of city. Temperate rain forests are covered with this peninsula.

Amazing Rock in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

It is hilly and steep. For the peninsula the spines of Coromandel range rise up to the 900 meters. It is famous because of its rugged nature that means it is isolated. It is called so because the northern tip and the interior both are inhabited sparsely and undeveloped. At the region of the island many small islands and groups of islands are present like at northwest the Motukawao, at the southeast slipper and the Alderman Island and at the northeast the mercury island are present. Number of signs of the past volcanism is present in the peninsula.

Formerly this was famous because of large industries of the kauri and the gold mining. But these days it is also known as the mecca of tourism specifically for the ecotourism or the tourists that have passion and great love for the nature. Central area of this is occupied by the forest park. Dotted of fine and the beautiful beaches are present at the coasts and gives the stunning and incredible view.

Even elusive monster is present at the Moehau ranges. The Hairy Moehau is one of the most popular attractions for the tourists. It is stated that it is the origin of the many geothermal regions. In the hot springs you can see the evidences of the origin especially at the hot water beach in the east coast of the peninsula. For the purpose of the holiday retreat the town of the Whangamata is really popular and beautiful.

For the yachting the whitianga in the mercury bay is the best choice. For the scuba divers the water of the peninsula is really the best and popular. Another eye catching destination is the Cathedral cove. It looks like an arch and is made up of the cliff of the limestone. You can visit it only on foot or with the help of the boat. Along the costs dolphins and other whales can be seen. In the area of the Coromandel various historical mines are located.


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