Cloud Formation Caught In Nebraska

Nature has some very beautiful sings, which fascinate human. Clouds are one of them. Scientifically speaking, there are different kinds of clouds but a common man recognizes them by their color and the different shapes they make in the sky. However, some people have different point of view and they try to catch the cloud formation, as we can see here.

Cloud Formation Caught In Nebraska
Photo courtesy of Ryan McGinnis

This picture is taken by a famous photographer, Ryan McGinnis, who is known for his famous storm pictures. He is not a trained or professional photographer, rather taking pictures of storms is his passion and he says that he lives in Nebraska just because this area is known for having a lot of storms. He says, taking pictures of storms is what he dreamt about right from his childhood.

This particular picture is about a typical cloud formation, which is called as Arcus by the scientists. The picture is taken when the cloud was actually forming. The wind was moving the small clouds to make a bigger one. The picture is so clear and it describes the clear movement of wind, which leads to the formation of clouds. This picture is taken on a highway near Kearney, Nebraska on 7th of August in the year 2011.

The picture basically describes the format of a storm and the initial stages of the cloud formation. The sun was setting in the background, and the sunlight in the background makes this picture clearer. The boundaries of the clouds are clear in the sunlight, which brings an amazing touch to this picture.

The area is known for such storms and in the month of August, these storms are more frequent. The photograph says that although tornedos are also associated with these storms, but very rarely. Usually, these storms bring hail and strong winds. High winds leads to the formation of these clouds, which are seen in this particular picture.

The photographer has many other such pictures on his credit, which he sales to earn good fortune. He has copyrights of all these pictures and if someone wants to get the right, he can sale them. The work of this photographer is a great inspiration for all those nature lovers, who want to work as photographers and looking forward to have nature photography as their career. However, the important thing is to have the proper skill and the necessary equipment, required for taking such photos.

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