Clean Water Fiji – The Unique and Profitable Commodity

Time not remain the same. There was a time when Fiji was the one of the hated places for European people for being a mainstay of cannibalism. Today, situation has been entirely changed and now Fiji is one of the most beloved visiting places for the descendants of those European people and they call it a vacation paradise.

Clean water, the Republic of the Fiji island

Of course, this is all due to lots of tourists attractions but the most fascinating attraction of Fiji is its unique commodity in the form of clear water. Well, you might take it as a joke that how water could be the source of inspiration for tourists. However, in case of Fiji’s clear water, it is happening in the same manner.

The flavorless and clear commodity of Fiji i.e., water flows beneath the plentiful resorts and thriving tropical greenery of island. It is considered a reserve for the owners of Fiji Water and corporate agricultural magnates of California. Today, it has become honor for the Fiji to sell this water as one of the more popular bottled waters in the market. The water of Fiji can be easily found in many countries but with the simple description i.e., “pure water”.

No doubt, many researches are being carried out to determine the average level of purity of Fiji’s clean water due to a little variation in the purity level, but it is fact that this is clean and pure water. There is an interesting reality about clean water of Fiji that the first people who enjoyed the purity of this water, were not the residents of Fiji.

Though, it lack a proof of trustworthiness, the official authorities of Fiji have declared recently that majority of the citizens will be able to enjoy this clean water of country within the next three years. There is no vast difference in population of Fiji than Jacksonville of Florida, but it is really news that only 47 percent population of Fiji has access to clean water.

Now with the keen efforts of U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals, the Fiji’s Water Authorities are claiming to provide clean water to 60 percent of its population until the end of 2014. Mother Jones reported that Fiji sold more than 180 million of water bottles of water in 2006 which is equivalent to 15 percent of Fiji’s drinking water necessities. In fact, Fiji Water is shipped abroad directly when taken from an underground supply. This trend must have to be controlled to facilitate the people of Fiji.


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