Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore – Italy

The Cinque Terre is the rocky part of Italian Riviera coastline. It is located towards west of city “La Spezia” in the Liguria region of Italy. Today, Cinque Terre of Italy has been claimed as Cinque Terre National Park and ranked a high level among all other attractions of Italy. The reason behind claiming Cinque Terre as National Park is its amazing division that comprises three parts.

Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore, Italy

These three parts include five villages, coastline and the adjacent hillsides and thanks to all these attractions, it is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The five villages are also called “The Five Lands” and the names of these five villages are Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Manarola, Corniglia and Riomaggiore.

It is the story of past, when people took initiative to construct terraces on these sharp and rugged landscapes just perpendicular to the cliff. Shortage of evident business development is the part of its charm. Trains, paths and boats join the five villages of Cinque Terre, but the path is not accessible for the cars or other private vehicles. All these beauties have collectively make the Cinque Terre area, a very admired tourist place.

On October 25, 2011, the villages of the Cinque Terre were cruelly damaged by means of heavy rainfalls which ultimately became the cause for mudslides and floods. Records reveal that the numbers of causalities were nine just due to these floods. The damage to the villages mainly Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza was also far-reaching.
Towards towns of Cinque Terre, there are just a few roads that are reachable by the car. The first road was publically opened on June 2012. However, this road was very congested and requires lots of repair work.

It directs towards a parking lot that is located just half a mile from the town. In short, it is not feasible at all to travel by car till the destination and the best way to park the vehicle at La Spezia. After that, it is best suited to take the train. Of course, the journey of train is the exciting experience for the visitors. When we decide to travel by train, we can take the start from La Spezia to Genoa. The train route of Cinque Terre attaches it with Rome, Tuscany, Milan and Turin. Large part of this journey comprises the tunnels between the Monterosso and Riomaggiore. A ferry for passenger covers all the five villages, apart from Corniglia. The route of ferry starts from Genoa’s Old Harbour to Cinque Terre and then to Lerici, La Spezia or Porto Venere.

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