khaoluang Cave In Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, known for its Thai cuisine and the beautiful landscape. Thai people are really generous and the country is promoting its tourism. There are many places in the Thailand, which makes it a worth watching place and you can visit the country to buy some goods, which are locally manufactured.

Cave In Thailand

Here we are discussing the caves in Thailand. Thailand has really interesting geography and it is the home of limestone caves. The cave we are mentioning here is in the south of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. So, the approach to this place is quite easy. However, no local transport is available to reach the place. You have to hire a taxi or rent a motor bike, in order to get to the cave.

The nearest town is Phetchaburi and the name of the cave is khaoluang. This is adjacent to the largest national park in Thailand. The park is called as PhraNakhornKhiri historic park. The distance of cave from the town is around 5 KM and you have to travel through the mountains of KhaoLuang. If you have good lugs, you can go for a walk too, however, it would be really tiring, so hire a bike, which is available in economical price and you can negotiate on price as well.

Unlike other places, there is no entrance fee for the tourist. You can see this beautiful place for free. You can find many local guides as well. This is a small place and the directions are clearly written, so the guide is not really necessary, however, if you are interested in the history of the area, you can hire a guide. You can negotiate the price here too and they will charge you whatever you give them happily.

Many snacks stall are present in the parking, where you can find edibles. Another important thing is the monkeys in the area, which you can find hanging around the place, freely. If we talk about the cave, this cave is present below the ground level and you have to go 90 feet down. However, it is not really dark as holes are present in the roof, which let the natural sun light to flow inside and make everything clearly visible.

The most beautiful feature of this limestone cave is the Buddha statues. Yes, you can find a good number of Buddha statues inside the cave, which are nearly 180 in total. The cave in divided into three chambers and these statues are present in all three chambers. Some of them are really large, while others are small. The majority of these statues were casted during the rule of King Rama V.


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