Hollywood is Tunnel of Love in Los Angeles

No doubt, there are lots of places all over the world which are considered as an attraction point for the loving couples including Hollywood and Los Angeles. However, a very remarkable, peaceful and beautiful meeting point for the lovers is not other “Tunnel of Love”. Yes, this is the name of that highly charming and … Read more

Giant Anacondas in Amazon River – Wonder of Nature

Wonders of nature are countless and Amazon rain forest is the true picture of this claim. The vast and congested ecosystem of Amazon rain forest is the best living place not only for common animals, but a variety of weird and wonderful animals also exists here. Among a long list of such rarely found animals, … Read more

Fabulous Painting – Guido Daniele

Various forms of art are practiced all around the world. Some of them are traditional and have a long history, while others are innovative and created just a few years back. Here we are discussing some fabulous paintings by Guido Daniele. Guido is an Italian artist, who invented the beautiful art of hand painting. He … Read more

Massive Submarine – Old Milan street

This was October 1, 2013 and people of Milan were completely unaware of the extremely strange happening that was ready to shake the minds and hearts of those people. Like all days of years, people got up early in the morning and started their routine tasks. Being the early morning time, there was not a … Read more

World’s Largest Biceps – Mostafa Ismail

Mostafa Ismail is the name behind the honor of world’s largest biceps. Recently, in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA which is now the home to Mostafa Ismail, measurements for his biceps have been recorded which were found amazing. For left arm, measurement for non-flexed were found 62.23 cm (24.5 in) while for flexed, it was found 64.77 … Read more