Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore – Italy

The Cinque Terre is the rocky part of Italian Riviera coastline. It is located towards west of city “La Spezia” in the Liguria region of Italy. Today, Cinque Terre of Italy has been claimed as Cinque Terre National Park and ranked a high level among all other attractions of Italy. The reason behind claiming Cinque … Read more

Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Netherlands is the name of country that is used as an alternate to Holland. In Netherlands, Noordoostpolder or Northeast polder is the place that is famous for tulip farms and it is the part of Flevoland province that is known as the Kop van Noord-Holland. The Kop even brags the prime incessant bulb-growing region in … Read more

Danaxia landforms – China

The Danxia landform is just a single piece of land but a series of landscapes located almost in every direction of China from southeast to southwest as well as towards northwest. In China, The Danxia landform is also described as the land that comprises a red bed distinguished by sheer cliffs. It is an exclusive … Read more