Zion National Park – Utah

In the Southwestern United States, Zion National Park is situated close to Springdale, a part of Utah. An important characteristic of this park, spread in the area of 229-square-mile, is Zion Canyon. The dimensions of Zion National Park comprise 15 miles length and almost half a mile depth. The dimensions of the park are cut … Read more

Colors Of Nature

Everything in the universe reflects the beauty and colors of nature. However, the role of trees in this regard is considered most remarkable. Flowers, fruits and leaves of trees are available in various colors and we cannot say behind without praising the color scheme of nature after viewing the beauty of trees. Of course, it … Read more

Athabasca Falls – The Glacial Waterfall of Canada

Canada is the land of beautiful natural scenes. Being included in the list of cold countries, it is not strange to talk about glaciers of Canada and their ultimate effects upon environment and routine life of the country. Athabasca Falls is the best example of glacial waterfall located about 30 kilometers south of the town … Read more

Incredible Roots – Costa Rica

The Central American country “Costa Rica” is the region of really overwhelming biodiversity. Among a variety of flora of this region, the most prominent and remarkable are the trees with buttressed roots. The buttress or supporting roots are categorized as large roots which are being spread all around a shallowly rooted tree. Naturally, such trees … Read more

Mulnomah Falls – Oregon

Many waterfalls are famous around the world and one of them is Multnomah Falls. It is not really renowned, but the people who have seen this place, admire the beauty. Multnomah Falls is present on the Columbia River gorge, on the Oregon side of the river. It is present between the towns of Corbett and … Read more