Pakistan Monument – The Glorious Piece of Architecture

Every active nation tries to preserve all the traditions of its territories and regions in its pure form. Various methods are adopted to perform this task both at local and national level. The beautiful example such an attempt is situated in the Capital of Pakistan that is known as “The Pakistan Monument”. “The Pakistan Monument” … Read more

The Atlantic Ocean Road – Miracle of Modern Engineering

One of the miracles of modern engineering techniques i.e., The Atlantic Ocean Road is an 8.3-kilometer long track that is the part of leading County Road 64. It covers an archipelago in Averøy and Eide that is the part of Møre og Romsdal situated in Norway. Of course, there must be some speciality in any … Read more

The Golden Gate – San Francisco

The suspended bridge between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay is called golden gate bridge. Its name is due to strait spanning towards the golden gate. Its width is about 1 mile and length is about 3 mile. It is approximately 220 feet above from the water surface. This bridge is recognized symbolically. … Read more

San Diego and Arizona Railroad

The San Diego and Arizona Railway was founded by John D. spreckels in 1906. It was a type of railway road that has short line. It is also known as the impossible railroad by the engineers who designed and worked for it. It is called sod because it had to face the large number of … Read more