Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route – Japan

Beautiful places are present all over the world and Japan is not an exception. Usually, people get attracted towards Japanese culture and Japanese food, but another beautiful aspect of Japan is the beautiful places. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of them. This is basically a 37 Km long route, which joins two places Tateyama … Read more

Aqua Tower – A Noteworthy Attraction in Chicago

No doubt, Chicago does not need an introduction thanks to numerous attractions and things to do. However, story of Chicago is definitely incomplete without Aqua Tower which is an 82-story mixed-use residential skyscraper. When we describe the Aqua Tower as residential structure, it may ruin the imagination about this masterpiece in our minds, but we … Read more

New River Gorge – West Virginia

We can find much large manmade structure all around the world, and New River Gorge Bridge is one of them. The bridge is 3,030 feet long and is present in the Appalachian mountains in the United States. This is an arch bridge, and the arch is 1700 feet long. At the time of its construction, … Read more

Creative Pool Designs – Emerging Trend in the World

Swimming is a certainly, a beloved amusement for many people particularly during the summer season. Majority of the people, make swimming a necessary activity of daily workouts. Swimming is believed to be an excellent workout for all the people despite of their age limit. This was all about routine concept of swimming. In present age, … Read more

The Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo

Lots of weird shaped structures are present in the world which depicts the intelligence and skill of competent builders and engineers. However, there are also such structures in the world which are not only strange with respect to style, but the theme behind their construction also differs from ordinary composition. The key motivation behind such … Read more

Dubai Aquarium: The World-famous Dazzling Attraction

Dubai has undoubtedly become one the world’s most visiting places thanks to countless attractions for the people regardless of age limit. This shining state of UAE remains filled with people of almost every authenticity during the whole year and collects a huge amount of revenue from foreigners. Among lots of attractions, Dubai Aquarium is one … Read more

Banpo Bridge in South Korea

Over the Han River of South Korea, a large bridge is present in the city center Seoul that is named as The Banpo Bridge. Being located at the busiest place of the city, Banpo Bridge has great importance. It connects the two major districts i.e., Yongsan and Seocho districts. Another amazing fact about Banpo Bridge, … Read more