Capilano Suspension Bridge – Park Vancouver

The myths about historical and present Vancouver does not completed without beauties of nature such as First Nations artisans of British Columbia chiseled prodigy into cedar; gorgeous gardens skirt colorful totem rods and Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Vancouver

These are the three legend things related to Vancouver and remind you the peacefulness of a West Coast rainforest. Among these major attractions of Vancouver, the most prominent and appealing one for the national and international tourists is Capilano Suspension Bridge. Let’s go in the depth details of this fascinating bridge.

Capilano Suspension Bridge was initially constructed in 1889 by a Scottish civil engineer “George Grant Mackay” with the assistance and support of park commissioner for Vancouver. At that time, hemp ropes were used in its construction along with floor of cedar planks. However, in 1903, the whole construction of bridge was changed with a wire cable bridge. In 1910, Capilano Suspension Bridge was declared as private property of Edward Mahon who bought it from authorities. This trend was repeated by “Mac Eachran” who acquired the Bridge in 1935 from Mahon.

Nevertheless, Mac did not retain it as private property and opened it for local public and asked them to put their totem poles in the park just to include a local theme. In 1945, the bridge again became the private property of Henri Aubeneau, who purchased it from “Mac”.

In 1999, a sad event took place when an 18-month-old disabled baby was dropped off the bridge accidently due to little mistake of his mother. The mother admired that she staggered by mistake and the child dropped from her grip. Luckily, the child was not critically wounded. As a consequence of the accident, the mother has to bear the loss of withdrawal of legal custody of her baby. Well, the woman did not stay keep quite but raised the voice against the owner of the bridge and accused him for her loss which was the result of carelessness of the bridge owner.

Later on, this case was resolved out of court. In 2006, another accident happened when a 46-tonne Douglas fir tree having the age more than 300 year, fell over in a heavy blizzard. The western side of the bridge was damaged under the influence of this incident. Park authorities decided to close the bridge for the time being for the sake of repair work.

On June 6, 2010, an adolescent visitor climbed over a railing when he came here with a class trip from California. Of course, this was entirely the mistake of that teenager, but the result of this mistake was very depressing. He fell from a fenced off screening platform from the height more than 30 meters (98 ft). Rescue employees came to his help without wastage of time, but the injured party was dead. The postmortem reports revealed that the teen was under the affect of LSD at the time of the accident.


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