The Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo

Lots of weird shaped structures are present in the world which depicts the intelligence and skill of competent builders and engineers. However, there are also such structures in the world which are not only strange with respect to style, but the theme behind their construction also differs from ordinary composition. The key motivation behind such structures is the purpose of construction.

Cane Bridge, Village Kabua, Republic of Congo

One of such purpose-built structures is the Bamboo Cane Bridge situated in the Village Kabua, a territory of Republic of Congo. Here, one question can raise in the minds of readers that concept of bamboo bridges is not new. Of course, the purpose-built bamboo bridges remain the part of history of every region. However, the Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo is somewhat different from ordinary bamboo bridges in many respects. Let’s see the detail of Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo.

Bamboo bridges are truly claimed as incredible pieces of work. In fact, it is right to claim that they are the most gorgeous grand scale works of bamboo art. The Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo is made up of wire and bamboo which spans the river length.

Of course, there is a practical reason behind construction of this weird bridge, but the important thing is that despite the simple building material, it looks very beautiful. It is apparently constructed as a passageway for residents to cross the river. The theme behind taking the bamboo as a construction material is making the bridge highly durable.

No doubt, the Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo is not included among the craftiest man-made constructions of the world. Nevertheless, the most significant thing is that it actually dishes up its purpose. The Republic of the Congo is also known as Congo-Brazzaville. The importance of Congo among other countries of Central Africa cannot be ignored.

The neighboring countries of Congo are Cameroon, Gabon, the Angolan exclave of Cabinda and Central African Republic. The culture, climate, people and cities of Republic of the Congo reveal the sole and individual identity of this country. Among all these things, the Bamboo Cane Bridge of Republic of Congo is getting fame rapidly not only within the country, but in neighboring countries as well. People, who come to this country, prefer to enjoy the beauty and amazing construction style of beautiful bridge of Republic of Congo.

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