Blue Cave – Malta

Along the south coast of Malta, a series of sea caverns come in front of us situated towards east of the fishermen’s harbour Wied iż-Żurrieq. This astonishing tourist’s destination is near to small uninhabited islet of Filfla and famous all over the world with the name “Blue Cave or Blue Grotto of Malta”. As there is always a story behind the name of some popular place, so this site is not empty from this honor.

Blue Cave, Malta

A British soldier suggested the name “Blue Grotto” for this place due to much resemblance with Grotta Azzurra in Capri. This visiting place has become extremely admired and attracts more than 100,000 tourists every year. In fact, tourists come here not just to enjoy the beauty of Blue Grotto, but also for diving purposes. The site became more popular at that time, when a famous Hollywood star “Brad Pitt” was seen here in the film Troy (2004).

The scene of this charming natural grotto merges with sunlight and the nearby chain of caves to mirror the delightful colors of the waterlogged flora and the profound shade of blue of the sea. Thanks to Blue Grotto, the islands of Malta have become a biggest tourist’s attraction with lots of enjoyments. These enjoyments include scuba diving, rock climbing, boat trips to visit the caves and snorkeling.

Another specialty of Blue Grotto is delicious food with eye-catching views of local restaurants. All these fascinations compel the filmmakers to use this site in their movies to take advantage of beautiful scenes of Blue Grotto. Some popular scenes directed at this place include the scene of 2004 film Troy, RAI TV 2 filming for the popular travel program Sereno Variable, Milky Way commercial revealing a cliff diver jumping 30m into the sea and several promotional videos about Malta.

A huge arch with altitude above 30m and a series of six caves formed by constant action of the waves and other elements over the centuries make the real picture of Blue Grotto. The sky reveals the white sandy seabed and releases a brilliant cobalt color. On the contrary, the caves mirror the minerals in the colors of purple, orange and green within the rocks. This fastidious sight of colors can be viewed on daily basis. The best time to view this marvelous scene starts from sunrise and remain until afternoon which gives the Blue Grotto, an excellent photographic background.


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