Blood Lake – West Texas

Texas is one of the famous American States. The western area of the state, which is called as west Texas is an arid and semiarid area, which depends on the rain for its supply of water. However, it receives much less rain, if compared with the other parts of the state.

Blood Lake, West Texas

With the changing weather condition all around the world, we can see some drastic changes in the seasons and rainfall patterns. The same is with the west Texas, the area received less rainfall than expected and it leads to the drought conditions in the west Texas. It affected the residents of the city and the climate of the area in different ways but the most drastic change was the blood lake.

This is not a natural lake rather it was constructed in 1947 and it became fully functional in 1952. The original name of this lake is O.C Fisher Lake and it is present in the west of the San Angelo city in West Texas. O.C Fisher is a local politician, who worked hard for the local people, so the name of the lake kept after his name. The aim of the construction of this lake was to control the floods basically, but it also worked as the secondary source of drinking water for the nearby city.

This was also a recreational point as people were used to come here for boating, swimming and fishing. The lake was full of different kinds of fish, like white bass, cat fish and largemouth bass. In the year 2011, a drought hit the area and there was no rain. This condition leads to dry the O.C fisher lake and slowly all the fishes start dying. By the end of 2012, there was no life in the lake and all the fish population was dead. Surprising, the lake look the red color, which was not present previously and that is the reason, it is called as the blood lake.

The scientists have done research on the appearance of this red hue and they concluded that species of bacteria, which was present in the water, which was full of dead fish and has no oxygen, was responsible for this red color.
Many people are relating this red color, which some religious event, which is mentioned in the Bible. However, the scientist believes that it is just a natural bacterial population, which causes the red color. No matter, what is the reason, but it is really a strange site and it actually looks like the blood lake, a large number of people come here to visit the spot. The officials are determined to restore the natural ecosystem, once the natural cycle of rains is restored.


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