Black Forest – Germany

Germany is a beautiful country and Black forest adds to the beauty of the country. It is known as the black forest, as it is a thick forest with evergreen trees. The vegetation is so thick, that it creates the darkness even during the day.

Black Forest, Germany

The forest is located in Baden-wurttemberg a town located in the Southwestern part of Germany. Rhine valley surrounds the place in south and west. It is basically a mountain range and the highest mountain is the 1493 meter. The shape of the forest is nearly rectangular, as it is 160 km long and the width is 60 km.

Many small rivers flow inside the black forest; they are Kinzing, Nagold, Enz, neckar, Wiese and Danube. If we talk about the vegetation, the forest has pines and fir trees. Some areas of the forest are cleared for the human use. Now, some conifers are growing on the clear land in an attempt to give the forest its original shape. A cyclone in 1999 is remembered in the history of black forest, which destroyed the hundreds of acres of land and trees. Large trees were uprooted and the small shrubs and young trees were left.

If you want to access the forest, you have to take the A5 route on the motorway. This is a fast route, you can also take other calm roads as well, and the choice is yours. The northern part of the forest is not really hilly; rather many towns are situated in this part of the forest. Many other attractions are also present in the area, like charming river valley and cuckoo clock, which make the place worth watching. A road passes through the forest, which offers the opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the real beauty of the black forest.

Other than natural beauty, many other attractions are also offered for the visitors. You can do hiking and enjoy a verity of water sports. Skiing and snowboarding are also available in months of Decembers and January only. Young people love mountain biking and paragliding. It is really a great experience in this forest area. A medieval mine is also present in the area, which is open for the visitors. You can get the map of the area from the tourist offices and enjoy the scenic beauty on foot. Cheap residential facilities are also available for the visitors. Small cabins are also available along the trails for the visitors, where they can stay for night; however, it is necessary to reserve the cabin in advance.

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