Berry Head Arch – Newfoundland

Berry Head Arch

World is full of great and unique places, which are present almost all over the world. However, some unique places are so beautiful naturally, and more attractive than others. Berry head arch is one of these unique places. It is located on the East coast of the Newfoundland in the south of St. John’s town. To be exact it is located on the Spurwink lsland path and you can also approach it from Port Kirwan as well. You have to travel in north of port kirwan for about 6 km. However, this path is considered as a difficult way to reach the arch.

This is basically a natural rock formation, which has taken the shape of an arch. At it is present near the coast, it overlooks the sea. Hikers love this place as they can hike it. The hiking distance from the Port Kirwan is 9.6 km; this path is called as Spurwink Island path. The trailhead is present on the rear side of the arch. If you don’t want to get this route you have an alternate choice as well. You have to start from the aquaforte River for that and take 17 km hike to the Berry head arch.

Trail association has the complete map of the area, which can help visitors to take the right path. Pieces of the rocks keep on falling in the water from the arch; a comparison between old and new photographs clearly shows that. You can view the arch from different angles, each one is equally beautiful. It is ranked as one of the 21 places, which one should visit before he die.

So, you can imagine the beauty and the charm of the place. The view of sea from the arch is really beautiful and visitors have a unique experience of passing through this beautiful place. So, if you are planning to visit Canada, beside other attractions like Niagara fall, make sure that Berry head arch is also part of your travelling plan. You will be delighted to see a unique view. It seems an ordinary rock on the sea shore, but actually it is a beautiful arch, which has mesmerized millions of the people in the world. A large number of people visit Newfoundland and witness the beauty of this beautiful place. Once you will see this beautiful arch, you will wish to visit the place again and again.


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