Banpo Bridge in South Korea

Over the Han River of South Korea, a large bridge is present in the city center Seoul that is named as The Banpo Bridge. Being located at the busiest place of the city, Banpo Bridge has great importance. It connects the two major districts i.e., Yongsan and Seocho districts. Another amazing fact about Banpo Bridge, it is locate at the top of Jamsu Bridge.

Banpo bridge, Seoul, South Korea!

This formation makes the structure as a double-deck bridge. Before this bridge, there was no concept of such a double deck bridge in South Korea, this was the first one. Heavy rain falls of South Korea are famous especially in the region of Han River. The design of Jamsu Bridge is prepared under the light of this key factor and now it has tendency to immerse as the water level of the river goes up, because the lower floor lies near to the waterline. The bridge was constructed as a supporting bridge and was accomplished in 1982.

Now the time has come to disclose a very interesting and unique record of Han River of South Korea. According to Guinness World Record, the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain located at Banpo Bridge of Han River is the world’s longest bridge fountain. The uniqueness of Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is not just being the world’s longest bridge fountain, but it is equipped with almost 10,000 LED nozzles. These beautiful LED lights run all along the entire length in both directions and cover the span of 1,140 m. Moreover, 190 tons of water is shoot out from these light fixtures in a minute.

When these beautiful LED lights were installed on the Banpo Bridge in September 2009, ex- mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon stated that this bridge has contributed a great role in raising the beauty of Seoul city. Moreover, it acts as a platform in making Seoul an eco-friendly site because the water is propelled directly from the river and incessantly recycled. 38 water pumps and 380 nozzles are being installed at the bridge at both sides. This assembly has capacity to draw 190 tons of water from the river per minute at 20 meters underneath the deck, and shoots to the extent 43 meters horizontally.

In Seoul, Banpo Bridge Water Fountain is situated all along the Hangang River that is the part of Hangang Park. In 2007, the Hangang Renaissance Project was introduced to built, develop and revitalize the river area as a leisure area not only for the locals but for the international visitors as well. Banpo Bridge Water Fountain was the element of this project. The fountain became famous very soon with the name “Moonlight Rainbow”.


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