Bamboo Forest – Japan

Japan is known for its fabric, electronic goods and many other things, but the natural beauty in Japan is also breath taking. The land of active volcanoes, has huge mountains and beautiful places to see and one of them is the bamboo forest.

Bamboo Forest, Japan

The name of this forest is the Sagano. It is present in the Arashiyama district of Japan, in the west of Kyoto. This was not really well known in the past, but now it has a vital place in the list of most beautiful forests of the world. This bamboo forest is really thick and allows very few sun rays to pass through its leaves. In the past few visitors were used to visit this place and enjoy on their own, but now a large number of people came Kyoto to see this Sagano bamboo forest and we can see camera lights flashing everywhere. The place is known for the rustling sound of the trees, which is very unique in this era of noise pollution.

For the visitors, there is no admission fee and the forest is open round the clock. To enjoy the true sound of the tree leaves, try to visit the place early in the morning or late in evening, when the noise of people is no there, and the sweet sound of nature is in full swing.

When you come to visit the forest, you can also visit the Tenryu-ji Temple, which is present in the Nothren side of the forest. This is one of the five major temples in Kyoto and is on the list of UNESCO world heritage list. There is in interesting myth behind it. It is said that bamboo is the symbol of strength and in Buddhist religion; all the temples were constructed near the bamboo forest. This temple contains the most beautiful Zen gardens and the headquarters of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism.

Another other village Dnjiro is also present near the bamboo forest, which is known for the museum and the tea hut. Sagano romantic train is also an enjoyment for the local and international visitors. The total journey of this train is 7 kilometers and it passes through the beautiful paces of the district. It takes nearly 30 minutes, but really enjoyable. You will enjoy the Hozu river view, which is a beautiful place. Bamboo forest offers many other attractions too, like beautiful small tree homes and much more. You will never forget your visit and enjoy the natural beauty of this charming place.


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