The Atlantic Ocean Road – Miracle of Modern Engineering

One of the miracles of modern engineering techniques i.e., The Atlantic Ocean Road is an 8.3-kilometer long track that is the part of leading County Road 64. It covers an archipelago in Averøy and Eide that is the part of Møre og Romsdal situated in Norway. Of course, there must be some speciality in any construction that would be the reason behind making it a part of international discussion.

Atlantic Ocean

Such specialty of Atlantic Ocean Road is that, it is an inhospitable fraction of the Norwegian Sea that passes by Hustadvika. This stylish road joins the Averøy Island with the Romsdalshalvøya peninsula as well as mainland. The villages of Vevang in Eida and Kårvåg on Averøy lie within the route of this road. Numerous little islands and skerries are the part of this gigantic road, which are linked by a number of viaducts, causeways and eight bridges. Among all these eight bridges, the most famous one is Storseisundet Bridge.

In the early 20th century, the route was planned to cover railway line, but later this plan was discarded. With the passage of time, the need of joining the Averøy Island with the Romsdalshalvøya peninsula became much more and finally in 1970, it was decided to make the road in this route instead of railway track. The plan was executed on August 1983 by starting the construction of road. It was not an easy task due to frequent occurring of European windstorms that hit the site 12 times during the entire time of construction.

On 7 July 1989, the road was ready to travel and finally opened for all the people. This was a huge project with worth of 122 million Norwegian krone (NOK). The expense was covered by means of toll tax comprising 25 percent of total budget of project and the rest was fulfilled with public grants. Of course, it was not a wise step to press the people by such a load of road expense at one time, so the public share was proposed to gather within 15. However, amazingly the whole cost of the project was covered within just 10 years and the toll was removed on June 1999.

Today, the road has got fame as a National Tourist Route and been conserved as a cultural heritage site. The view of the road is so fascinating that It has become the favorite site of film stars, producers, directors and other celebrities. Lots of film scenes and automotive commercials are being planned to shoot every year at this beautiful site. The fame of the site can be analyzed by this fact that it has been acknowledged as the world’s best road trip. Thanks to its popularity and handsome share in economy of the country, this road has been awarded the title of “Norwegian Construction of the Century”. From Averøy to Kristiansund, the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel was opened in 2009 and now they shape a second permanent connection between Molde and Kristiansund.

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