Athabasca Falls – The Glacial Waterfall of Canada

Canada is the land of beautiful natural scenes. Being included in the list of cold countries, it is not strange to talk about glaciers of Canada and their ultimate effects upon environment and routine life of the country. Athabasca Falls is the best example of glacial waterfall located about 30 kilometers south of the town site of Jasper, in the Alberta state of Canada.

Athabasca Falls At Dusk, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

The formation and design of Athabasca Falls automatically tells the complete story of formation that how shearing off hard rock took place by means of Athabasca Valley glacier. The powerful glacial stream yielded the canyon and cliff by cutting away the rocks. As glacier moves away, the Athabasca River that begins from the Columbia ice field run through this contracted canyon and fell almost 23m over a cliff. The final result appears in the form of class 5 water fall. The meaning of word “Athabasca” is “plants one after another” in Wood Cree. The water of Athabasca River changes according to season depending on the type of rock flour in the water, which reflects different wavelengths of light.

The region of Athabasca Falls is Jasper National Park on the upper Athabasca River and the direction of this place is just west of the Ice fields Parkway. A dominant and charming waterfall i.e., Athabasca Falls is known all over the world not only due to its mesmerizing beauty, but the height of the falls that is 23 meters is also a catching feature. The impact of such height brought about in the form of large quantity of water falling into the canyon eventually due to high value of gravitational force.

When the level of river approaches at their lowest point, abundant amounts of water drop over the falls, even on a cold morning in the fall. The water of Athabasca River alters in accordance with the season that depends upon the variety of rock flour in the water. This water replicates diverse wavelengths of light. The beauty of Athabasca Falls does not end here. The river drops on the layer of rigid quartzite and the softer limestone underneath carving the short canyon and a variety of potholes. The falls can be observed with complete safety and photography lovers can fulfill their desire from a variety of viewing platforms.

A close parking lot is used for entrée, which go ahead for Highway 93A that is towards northeast of the falls. Highway 93A starts from the close Ice fields Parkway, and approaches the falls from north of Jasper town. To take a trip downstream on the Athabasca River to Jasper, white water powerful waves originates underneath the falls.

The hiking adventure of Athabasca falls is not more than one kilometer from the parking lot. The track is cemented and there are solid bridges over the canyon. By walk all along the interpretive path which depicts the water color science, we can easily realize that how the canyon was formed and can also know about the flora & fauna of the region. Moreover, to know the cause behind formation of the river gorge, just cross the bridge and walk down the stairs. Every reality will be in front of you without any doubt thanks to miracles of nature.


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