Aogashima Volcano, Japan

Japan is known for its active volcanoes, and Aogashima is one of the many volcanic islands. This island is present in the Philippine Sea and located 358 Km away from the capital of the Japan, but it is administered by the government of Tokyo. It is part of Izu archipelago. This island is basically a volcanic crater, which is really huge and inside this crater, there is another small active volcano.

Aogashima Volcano, Japan

This small volcano was erupted in 1780’s but yet it is considered as active volcano and falls in the category of C- class volcanoes. Its last destruction was quite massive, yet local people came back here and now the population of this island is nearly 200.

The only way to reach the island is through boat, as it is present in the open sea and the tidal waves are quite high in this area. the cliffs on the beach are so steep, that there is no proper place to anchor the boats. Another option is also available, as the Tokyo Island Shuttle service offers helicopter ride to the island. No matter, you want to ride a boat or helicopter; you have to go to Hachijojima for that. Helicopter service is started in the year 1993, before that boat was the only communication service between main land and the Aogashima Island. Helicopter services goes to the island only once a day and it can carry 9 passengers only, so very few people wait to see this beautiful island.

As number of visitors to this place is not much, so, very few facilities are available. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the pace and can enjoy the geothermal sauna as well. A facility is created for the visitors, where they can see the use of geothermal power. Here you can get geothermal cooker for free. The food is also good here. The special dish is steamed eggs, potatoes and other vegetables. You can also relax in hot showers, public bath and sauna.

Aogashima is smallest island in Japan and it has a primary school for young kids. For high school they have to travel to main land and the communication is really difficult, so many of the people migrate to main land for the education of their children. If government consider the needs of the local people and provide better transportation facilities the population of the island will increase and the number of visitors coming to see this beautiful place will also increase. This will increase the income of the local people and will generate more jobs and money for the locals. So, the Japanese government should pay attentions towards this beautiful place, which has a lot of potential for tourism.

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