Mountain Bridge: Ahvaz Iran

Ahvaz is located in central region of the Iran. Its climate is warm and also has humidity. It is the largest and the central city of the Iran. The Karun is the most precious and stunning river. It is about 720 km long. It comprises of mountains of the Zard kuh of district Bakhtiari and many other tributes like Dez and Kuhrang. It flows towards Persian Gulf and divided into two branches like Haffar and Bahmanshir. In between these two branches the great and beautiful Island of the Abadan is present.

Ahvaz, Iran

The mountain bridge is really amazing and spectacular for the visitors. Especially at the night time the lightning of the bridge is really amazing and give the stunning look. People come to visit it. Its construction is really pretty and with the light it gives the awesome look to the water of the river. It is called so because it gives the appearance of the mountain and connects the different areas. For the tourists it is attractive at the night.

The two parts of the town are connected through five bridges. The railway bridge or the black bridge is the first bridge of the Ahvaz that was developed on the river Karoun. In past it was known as the railway bridge because of its location. It is present along the whole railroad. These days it is also called as the black bridge because of its black color. It is 6 meters wide and 1050 meters long.

The bridge was used for the transportation of the forces and provender in the World War 2 and has effects on the victory thus it was known as victory bridge as well. White bridge is the first bridge of the province that is suspended. The suspension bridge is the other important factor in the connection of the town that is constructed in the 1935. This is also the attractive site. The areas of the city are interconnected through rail, oil pipelines and roads thus if you want to visit it you can select the way that suits you best.

Damavand is fascinating place that is combined with history and amazing history. It is also an amazing site for the trekking of the tourists. The old bride of the Dezful is situated in the south western Iran and it is 1700 years old. It connects the eastern and the western part of the city and is of great importance.

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