103 years old man wedding with 99 years old partner

Who says that there remains no charm in life after the age of 60 years? Most of the people think that after spending 60 years of life in active and busy manner, people lose their desires and spent remaining years of their life without enjoying the happiness of relations and colors of hope. Of course, people do not develop the concept about anything without getting practical experience about it.

103-year-old Paraguayan groom marries his 99-year-old bride after 80 YEARS together.

Majority of the old people led their retirement life without any hope and joy. The results of disappointment appear in the form of bad physical and mental condition. Despite all these realities, there is such an old couple in this world who has not only changed all the existing ideas about old people, but provided the light of hope to all elderly people.

Recently, a strange occasion was took place in Paraguay which drew the attention of whole world towards itself. In this event, an old man “Centenarian Jose Riella” having age 103 years married with 99 years old “Martina Lopez”. This beautiful event has compelled the whole world to say that there is no age for love; you must keep your heart alive and loving for everyone. Beside lots of interesting things about this wedding, the prominent one is the count of the children of Mr. Centenarian Jose Riella.

There are 8 children, 50 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren, and 20 great-great grandchildren of Mr. Centenarian. In the wedding ceremony, in which 103-year-old man tied the knot with his 99 year old partner, all these children were present and they all were very happy upon this amazing decision of Mr. Centenarian. The couple exchanged the rings in a religious ceremony in Paraguay brought about on Sunday.

In the presence of 113 children, there was an arrangement of entertainment party after swear and the cleric who chaired this beautiful Catholic ceremony admired that among all the newlyweds he had ever married, this couple is the oldest one. BBC covered this exclusive event and reported that Mrs Lopez became very poignant when all the people and the priest present in the ceremony gave their marriage their hearty blessing. She disclosed another interesting myth of their past life that 31 years ago she and her husband committed a civil wedding but they had desire to become one through a religious service as well. Finally their dream has become true and now they very happy for their life.

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